How AI Can Drive Tourism Business

You probably found this page because you attended my talk at the PATA Annual Summit and Adventure Mart titled: How AI Can Drive Tourism Business.

I’m glad you found it interesting enough to learn more! On this page you will find the slides from the presentation, a list of all articles referenced during the presentation, and a sign-up for my upcoming ChatGPT webinars. The webinars will include:

  • How To Use ChatGPT Day-to-Day In Your Business
  • ChatGPT And The Future Of SEO
  • How ChatGPT Will Change The Internet

If you’re interested in learning more about how ChatGPT will change the Internet and how you can use it in your business, sign up for updates on when webinars will be released and how to attend.

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List of Tools Discussed

  • ChatGPT: Industry leading text generation from prompts as well as an API for chatbots and other customizations
  • Grammarly: AI grammar correction and writing suggestions to ensure perfect text
  • Klarna Trips: Automated trip planning based on taste and preferences and including travel times
  • Synthesia: AI videos generated easily from a text script
  • Pictory: Short AI videos created from long-form content