UpThink Ltd is a Hong Kong-based digital marketing agency specializing in accelerated community growth and creative content marketing. UpThink helps businesses grow by carefully examining their unique needs, mapping strategies with clear rationales and revenue-driven KPIs, and executing them efficiently and effectively by leveraging not only our expertise and experience, but also the latest automations, technologies, and tools.


Upthink takes a ‘big picture’ approach to marketing, using creative strategies and data-driven decision-making to grow communities of loyal customers who are deeply and emotionally connected to your brand’s image, ideals, and personality.

Our creative experts in growth and acceleration use leading-edge productivity and communications tools to manage an agile team of highly motivated contractors to produce ethical, sustainable results that not only improve your bottom line, but also genuinely improve the lives of your customers, our staff, and the communities in which we operate.

UpThink’s business model isn’t designed to maximize ownership earnings or to exploit irresponsible opportunities for short-term gains at the expense of the the long-term health of your business, our employees, or society.

UpThink’s brand values can be distilled to a single word: integrity.

We take pride in our ability to deliver results that exceed client expectations while compensating workers fairly and generating healthy returns for the company.

Do you believe in using technology creatively to maximize results, and demand marketing that adds value for customers? Do you expect transparent and fair treatment of both clients and employees?

If you do, then Upthink is your agency.