Social Media Account Acceleration

It took thirty-eight years before 50 million people gained access to radios. It took television thirteen years to earn an audience that size. It took Instagram a year and a half.

~ Gary Vaynerchuk


Most people have trouble keeping up.

Our growth specialists can launch you to the front of the pack.

Growing a large, engaged community of your brand’s best (and potential) customers is hard.

Targeted advertising for followers can be effective, but can also be costly. Growing organically is cheap and effective, but it’s also slow and an account with just a few hundred followers can make a big brand look very small to consumers. It’s tempting to boost your numbers with cheap fake followers, but all they really do is make it harder and more expensive to reach your real customers and followers.

The fierce competition to reach consumers online leaves many people feeling frustrated and overwhelmed.

But there is an economical, effective way to grow a targeted, engaged, online community. It requires a complex set of technical skills and a deep understanding of the Internet. Competent specialists are rare and hard to find.

Some people call them gurus. Some call them growth hackers. We call ours growth acceleration specialists.


There is no value to fake (purchased) followers or poorly targeted followers. They ruin your data, reduce your ability to reach your real customers, are embarrassingly easy for others to spot, and can even get your brand banned from platforms. Buying fake followers almost always results in disaster.

The other common options are also less than ideal. Organic growth is extremely slow and advertising in competitive verticals is extremely expensive.

Our approach uses advanced smart targeting to make sure we attract only your best potential customers, strategic automated activity to keep their attention. When combined with quality content and professional personal engagement, there is no more reliable and economical way to grow a loyal online community.


Account acceleration is as — or better — targeted than any other social growth strategy with a low CPA and without many of the drawbacks of other methods.

  •   We attract 100% real social media users and are employ multiple filters to avoid bots and fake accounts.
  •   Your account is safe. We work well within the limits established by social platforms.
  •   We use multiple data points to zero in on and attract only the social media users that will be naturally attracted to your brand.
  •   We can grow multiple platforms simultaneously to create multiple user touch-points and build your community in a predictable, methodical way.
  •   Data drives our decisions. Our engineers and content creators are constantly looking at results to refine the campaign as your brand continues to grow.
  •   We’re great at producing CFO-friendly reports and metrics that track back to important business goals.


Size is important, but quality is more important. Our methods reflect that. We grow your following quickly and at scale, but only with the the followers most likely to convert to customers and brand advocates. If you’re sick of struggling to figure out how to attract the followers that are actually going to buy your product, this UpThink Account Acceleration is the solution.