How To Quickly Copy A List Open Tab URLs In Chrome

This super short (2 minute) video will show you how you can quickly grab a list of URLs from open tabs in Google Chrome, which is useful for stuff like reporting posts that you’ve published for clients.


Video Transcript

Today I’m gonna show you a quick trick for how you can grab the links to a whole big list of different URLs out of your browser really quickly and easily.

To do this, you’re going to have to use Google Chrome and you’re going to need a Chrome extension called OpenList. You can download OpenList at

After you’ve installed the extension, you should have this new little icon up in your browser bar. Next, you just need to open all of the tabs you want the URLs for, so I’m grabbing a bunch of URLs for Instagram posts that I did for a campaign.

So I just opened up about six different URLs of Instagram posts that I want to list. With all the tabs open, just go and click on the OpenList icon. This will give you a list of all the open URLs. You can highlight and copy any of the URLs that you want to, just using like the command C.

Also, just so you know, this works in reverse. If you click on this and paste a list of URLs into this, you can open them all at once as well.

I want to add those URLs to a list in a spreadsheet so the nice thing about this is, they paste well into a spreadsheet, I just click on the first field at the top of the list that I wanna paste into, I hit command V or control V to paste and they paste in an nice list straight down the spreadsheet and I am done.

So if you wanna use this, just go and download the OpenList Chrome extension at

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